Fareed Zakaria of CNN Visits LCCC!

Ashtyn Britt


On Tuesday, March 26, 2019, Fareed Zakaria, a popular CNN reporter, recently visited Lewis and Clark Community College in an effort to help promote Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities Foundation.

Fareed Zakaria has many accomplishments under his belt aside from being a CNN reporter. Zakaria was a graduate of Yale in 1986 and earned a masters degree from Harvard in 1993. Zakaria is also an author, journalist, political scientist, a weekly columnist of The Washington Post, a Columnist for Newsweek, an editor of Newsweek International, as well as an editor at large of Time magazine.

Zakaria also took the time to answer a few questions beforehand to the press about anything they might wish to discuss. After politely shaking everyone’s hand and smiling to them, Zakaria took to the podium and opened the floor for questioning. As a large member actively participating in one of the primary sources of television media today, it was no surprise that the issue of “fake news” came up during his press conference.

When directly asked about the “Fake news!” Trend, Zakaria felt that the term has now been taken advantage of to write off any news coverage one may disagree with. “I think one has to remember where it all began. The term fake news was initially being used to describe actual incorrect information that was being intentionally spread through social media to destroy and demean the character of people,” says Zakaria. “It has now become a term being used by some people, most particularly the President, for any coverage he doesn’t like.”

Zakaria would also go on to attend the Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities Foundation Banquet being hosted in the Commons later that evening and give a speech to all those who attended. It was no doubt a great honor for Lewis and Clark Community College to have hosted such an accomplished individual.

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