Ethical Hacking Course at L&C

Graphic by Keziah Jordan
by Kiersten Connolly
Staff Writer


Ethical hacking is a course that allows for students to learn how to hack into their own computers in order to protect them against other possible hackers and threats.

“This will let the students become more knowledgeable in footprinting, hacking web servers, and protecting networks,” said L&C Professor Scott Clement.

Ethical hacking courses are gradually growing in popularity among many college students all over the nation. Almost every college and university in the state of Illinois has some form of the class.

Even the least technologically savvy people can learn the ins and outs of being a ethical hacker.

“This course would be the best thing for someone like me – I just want to know how I can protect myself on the Internet,” said Sarah Carlisle, a science major.

The idea of hacking can be a challenging one, but to those who are dedicated to learning the craft, it can be one with long term benefits.

“I would be scared to try a hacking class, but it sounds like something everyone should look  into in my opinion,” said Nursing student, Marygrace Greenwood.

Ethical hacking is offered to help the students protect not only their computers, but prepare them for severe potential threats.

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