Elizabeth Grant Receives Emerson Award



Helen Jarden
Copy Editor

The 2015 Emerson Electric Excellence in Teaching Award was received by Elizabeth Grant, professor of speech at Lewis and Clark Community College.

The award is annually given to educators in the St. Louis area, that are the best in their professional field. It serves to show appreciation to the educators who dedicate their time to be the best they can be.

Elizabeth Grant worked for sixteen years at SIUE as a speech instructor before working at L&C. Since 2008, she has worked as a speech professor at L&C, as well as co-chair for Center of Excellence in Teaching.

“I wanted a place where I could serve and teach. I wanted to be a more integral part of campus community.” When asked why students should take her classes and participate in her programs, Grant said, “We are life-changing. Many students have anxiety about speaking publicly, but once they have low-stress opportunities to practice, they gain confidence and leave empowered to express their opinions in their workplaces, homes, and communities.”

Grant is enthusiastic in her classes, believing that being active and keeping a positive attitude is the best way to teach students. “I realize this isn’t everyone’s favorite subject, but it is mine. I hope my passion is contagious.”

However, Grant doesn’t keep her enthusiasm just in the classroom. She also created a speech contest to give students the opportunity to allow their voice to be heard amongst their peers and professors.

“Each spring, I host the “You Have a Voice: Humanities Speech Contest” in Hatheway Auditorium to empower students to speak on a big stage on speeches that deal with the human condition.”

To read more about Elizabeth Grant and the Emerson award, www.lc.edu/News_Story/EmersonAward-EGrant2015/


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