Dummy’s Guide to Arguing with a Woman

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Kyle Watts

Staff Writer

First of all, it must be mentioned that the views and advice contained in this article do not reflect those of The Bridge or of Lewis and Clark Community College. With that out of the way: a woman develops emotional maturity far sooner than a man, by and large, so the feelings of women can be complex due to their longer time to understand them. Yes, gentlemen, you will have to use your emotions for this. While a lady is perfectly able to be unemotional and direct, it is far more likely that she will be passive and emotional. A harsh word, an ignored appointment, or a mean look can be all that a woman shows to indicate that she is arguing with you. Generally, if the situation degrades to the point of shouting and direct drama, the argument is longstanding and highly charged. As a man, if you are one, it is in your nature to be aggressive and direct. This is more than likely a bad thing to try, because it is not in the woman’s nature, generally speaking, to be so direct. Be observant if you sense that a woman is upset with you, and try to determine the reason under your own power. Check dates, review recent conversations and decisions, and when you find what you think is the cause, address it passively. Don’t be afraid to ask another woman to look over your ideas, but do not ask her to solve the problem for you. If you cannot find an issue, or a way to fix it, consider that perhaps you might deserve her emotional wrath.

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