Donald Trump’s Truth Social Delivers Empty Promises

Jordan Jones

Following Trump’s social media purge, the former President has recently released his own social media platform: “Truth Social.”  Plagued with bugs, glitches, and glaring UI issues that make many users flat-out unable to launch the app, the release isn’t off to a great start.

Following the insurrection on January 6, 2021, Twitter and Facebook removed the former President under the grounds of breaking their TOS and policy guidelines. After numerous attempts made by Trump to reinstate himself on the media giants, he announced the launch of his own social platform late last year. 

Released across a controlled iOS network, Truth Social hit the market on February 21, 2022. But to those users accepted thus far, reviews are less than favorable. The app is plagued with glitches, bugs, and crashes that have yet to be solved. The UI resembles that of Twitter somewhat, with the key-name for tweets phrased: “truths.”

“I created TRUTH Social … to stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech,” the former President said, weeks before its scheduled release in February. Yet, since the launch of the app, Trump has yet to craft a single “truth” of his own.

Users who tried to download on the day of release were put onto a waitlist, some jumping up in positions despite remaining sedentary. One user describes the launch-day experience as “a joke” and “never [having] seen anything this bad in [their] years of downloading apps.” 

After a month of empty promises from Truth Social developers, the app still remains a buggy and confusing mess to this day. It remains a mystery if Truth Social will ever become a competing platform to rival the current media titans, or if it will be stuck on yet another waitlist to its ultimate downfall. 


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