Do You Prefer to Talk or Text?

By Alexandra Blockton

Many times in our daily lives having our cellular phone nearby can cause a huge distraction. When it rings from someone calling us or beeps from receiving text messages, whether we are in class, at work or studying, it is a distraction! It just depends on what our daily schedule consists of.

When we are able to come to a conclusion and are able to see what works best, whether it is talking on the phone or texting, it may seem to help on how we respond to those missed calls and text messages.

Personally, I prefer to talk to someone on the phone when I feel as if I am needing to speak about an urgent situation that would just be way too long for me to text. However, if I have no chance of talking to the individual I am trying to contact at the moment, I will send a brief text saying I need to speak with them. When I speak to someone about an urgent or very important situation, I feel as if it is easier for me to get my point across while my voice is being heard and I am able to get the instant feedback I would like to receive, as well as hearing the other individual’s voice and exactly what they have to say.

I consider texting to be a good way to get a message out quickly, because it does not cause a lengthy response. Texting is good for conversations when you are able to go back and forth while in the midst of multitasking on other things you may be in the middle of doing. When I may be somewhere where it is loud and I am unable to talk, I find that texting is just perfect for me. Also, when discussing business concerns, and you just cannot seem to have a moment to chat with the individual you are contacting, texting will work better for the both of you.

The majority of the time it all just depends on what works for you best! Everyone is different, and what works for one person may not work for another person!

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Alexandra is pursuing an Associate Degree in general studies as a Transfer Student. After Fall 2023, she will transfer to a 4-year university to major in Psychology.
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