Do Pheromones Work: An Experiment of Attraction

Ashtyn Britt


A pheromone is defined as “a chemical substance that is usually produced by an animal and serves especially as a stimulus to other individuals of the same species for one or more behavioral responses,” by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and is believed to be the source of all human attraction. It’s an olfactory (scent) message  that our subconscious picks up on when we’re around another person. The more attractive the hormones, the more attracted we are to that person, whether it be platonically or romantically.

This has now become a marketable product in pheromone perfumes, designed to help people seem more attractive to others. Is this product really able to use science to our advantage, or is it just another “Snake Oil” scam? I decided to try the product for myself for a few weeks secretly to see if anybody would treat me differently. I was shocked to see the results!

Within the first few days, a girl whom I’ve previously quarreled with quite a lot was very kind to me and has spent significantly more time with me since then, and we’ve gotten along far better than we ever had before! After a little over a week, I attended a social event where I quickly noticed people were especially nice, even staying longer just to spend time with me and talk! Usually, at social events such as this, I am a bit of a wallflower and nobody tries to interact with me much. I also got into a new relationship not much longer afterward. The week after at a family function, I also had a much more pleasant time with my relatives than usual!

Overall, I wouldn’t say that it brought everybody to their knees in admiration of me, but I have had an overwhelmingly positive reaction from multiple people in ways I didn’t expect. Of course, there may be other reasons why these people behaved this way, for all I know I may have experienced a placebo effect as a result of the experiment. I would need more time and other test subjects to wear the perfume to really have anything close to a good sample.

While this could all be circumstantial at best, I will admit that I am personally surprised at the results of wearing pheromone perfume. While I can’t say for sure that I believe it works and should be bought by everyone, I wouldn’t discourage anybody from buying and trying the product for themself to see if their results vary. The specific brand that I used, “Raw Pheromone Perfume for Her”, is currently available for around thirty dollars on! For everyone who tests this product to see if maybe their social life improves, I wish you nothing but good luck!

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