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Photo from horrornews.net  Mike Meyers in the 1978 version of “Halloween” searching a closet for another victim.
Photo from horrornews.net
Mike Meyers in the 1978 version of “Halloween” searching a closet for another victim.
Darick T. Earney
Associate Editor


It’s that time of the season, where trick-or-treaters everywhere suit up for one night of free candy and plenty of scares. As a fan of Halloween, it’s dire to share a list of my top favorite horror movies to watch during this season.



Coming in at number five is “Night of The Living Dead”. While it may not be the very first zombie movie, it is definitely a pioneer of the genre.

Watch as the two main characters, Ben and Barbara, come together with a group of strangers to survive the reign of bloodthirsty ghouls in an abandoned cabin.



Number four on my list is none other than Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” from 1960. This thriller tells the story of Marion Crane, a former secretary from Phoenix, Ariz., who steals $40,000 from the bank she used to work for, and flees the state to begin a new life.

After a long drive out of town, a vicious storm hits, causing her to pull into the nearest hotel where she is acquainted with the sadistic hotel owner, Norman Bates.

This film now serves as the basis for the hit A&E original TV series titled “Bates Motel”.



Boiling it down to my top three isn’t easy, but “The Exorcist” is my third choice. It follows a little girl named Regan, whose soul is possessed by a demon. Father Merrin and Father Karris are asked by the family to aid Regan with potentially saving her life.

Let the power of Christ compel you, with this 70s horror masterpiece.



At number two is another original “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” from 1974. The plot centers around a van full of five friends who are on a journey to a family cabin, when they pick up a psychotic hitchhiker.

After a fight between the hitchhiker and the five friends, they are left stranded and must fight to survive the disturbed family of the hitchhiker in a remote house.



Last but not least is John Carpenter’s 1978 slasher classic, “Halloween”. While some may confuse the name Michael Meyers as the comedian who played Austin Powers, fans of the horror film genre remember him as the butcher-knife wielding serial killer.

This story focuses on Laurie Strode and her friends, who are looking to have fun on Halloween night, when word gets out that her older brother Michael has escaped from the mental hospital to take her life.


If you’ve seen all of these top five and need a backup, a few honorable mentions are “Shaun of the Dead”,  ”Maniac”,  “Amityville Horror”,  “Carrie”, and  “Suspiria”.

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Darick T. Earney, Associate Editor
Darick T. Earney Associate Editor

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