Covid Update Week of February 20 – February 26, 2022

By Linsa Dean


Numbers are accurate as of 12pm March 1, 2022


This week in Illinois there was:

  •         An average of 1,953 new cases reported daily.
  •         An average of 106,638 people tested and reported per day.

The state lost an average of 50 people per day.

As of March 1,  21,118,650 vaccines had been administered in Illinois.

This week in Madison County there was an average of 40 cases per day. Vaccination rates vary across the county. Bordering St. Clair County, following I-55 into St. Louis, is zip-code 62201 with 30.55 percent vaccination rates. This includes East St. Louis, Sauget, Fairmont City, and the Cahokia Mounds site. Tied for most vaccinations are 62046 (Hamel), and 62269 (O’Fallon). Hamel is a small community northeast of Edwardsville. Both sit at 73 percent of the population fully vaccinated. Godfrey (62035) has a 60.39 percent vaccination rate. Overall the county has an average of 53 percent vaccination recipe.

Madison County remains at low risk, and safety measures are encouraged.

Illinois has reported a heavy prominence of the Omicron variant, and as of February 28, 2022, has removed mask mandates for most indoor spaces. Masks are still required in daycares, healthcare settings, public transit, and where federally mandated. This does not override local and business policies and mandates.

Lewis and Clark strongly encourages continued indoor mask usage.  


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