Company of Thieves Return with Reunion Tour



Chicago based band Company of Thieves Makes their Return to music after a three-year hiatus with plans for a new album and more.

Originally starting in 2007, Company of Thieves is an indie rock band founded by Genevieve Schatz and Marc Walloch. Their first album, “Ordinary Riches,” was successful enough to warrant their signing on with the record label Wind-Up Records.

The second album, “Running From A Gamble” charted number 12 in Billboard’s Alternative Albums upon its release and saw the success of singles “Death of Communication” and “Tallulah.” Despite these successes, the band originally stated in 2014 that there were no plans for further albums.

However, the members did not sit idly during this absence. Schatz pursued a solo career, releasing the “Show Your Colors” EP in 2015, with the title track receiving moderate airplay.

Walloch was added on to the electronic rock band Awolnation, providing guitar parts and backing vocals. He also started a solo project called SPiLL, which released the album “Through the Seasons” in June of 2016. With the band’s members making significant progress on their solo projects, the chance of a comeback was highly unlikely.

“Company of Thieves were gone for a bit, but now they’re back. I’m excited to hear what they’re doing for the future,” said Mike Lemons, station manager of WLCA.

Throughout the summer the band teased their return through the band’s Facebook page. In May they announced the reunion with the song “Treasure” following in July.

On their official website,, they also announced eleven stops on their reunion tour, with St. Louis’ Off Broadway as the third venue on Sept. 14. Joining them will be Mike Maimone, formerly of the band Mutts. A local band from Alton, Hope & Therapy, will also play before Company of Thieves.

After taking the stage at Off Broadway, Company of Thieves will be in Columbus Ohio. However, this reunion tour is not the end of their journey. They have plans to record a full album as soon as they are finished with the tour.

Caption 1 – Company of Thieves has returned with a reunion tour and new album plans. Photo from Company of Thieves Facebook Page

Caption 2 – Company of Thieves plays an acoustic set at the Community Center in 2012. Photo from


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