Commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Alexander Gent


Lewis and Clark Community College hosted a commemoration of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Jan 18., with students, faculty and local community members gathering in the banquet hall of the Trimpe building to view musical performances, reflections on MLK Jr.’s life, and recitals of his more famous speeches.

Professor Peter Hussey gave brief welcome remarks, followed by a performance of “Ride on King Jesus” by the Lewis and Clark Gospel Choir, directed by musical instructor Ms. Brenda Lancaster.

Speech recitals included: the “Montgomery Improvement Association Mass Meeting” speech by Dr. Sean Hill and Zachary Benware, and the “Give us the Ballot” address from Delaney Ortiz and Evangeline Anderson.

Dr. Mumba Mumba- who, “had a pivotal role in helping to organize and make sure this event happened” according to Coordinator of Student Activities, Jared Hennings- gave some remarks and introduced Ms. Treasure Shields Redmond. Redmond gave performances from “Chop: a Book Collection of Kwansabas for Fannie Lou Hamer”, which infused freedom songs and historical facts with dramatic interpretation.

The cornerstone of this event was a powerful performance of the “I Have a Dream” speech by Mr. Ben Golley. Golley has been performing the speech for students at schools around the area for nearly 15 years.

Golley can see the importance of continuing to honor MLK today. “The dream is not totally alive yet and that’s why it is important to keep his spirit alive.”

Golley also explained the importance the community’s participation in this event saying, “we are one community, and it is unity amongst us that helps us to be successful, as love knows no color boundary.”

Several more speech recitals followed, as well as another musical performance, this time by LC’s Rock and Roll Ensembles, directed once again by Ms. Lancaster. Jared Hennings gave some closing remarks and invited the audience to stay for pizza and soda.

This was the third annual commemoration of MLK Jr. here at Lewis and Clark Community College. The institution has always tried to host some sort of event to celebrate the life and contributions of the late Dr., and continues its commitment to empowering the community through education and equality.

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