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With October being the month to recognize the long and interesting history of the LGBTQIAP+ Community, the L&C school club L&C Pride has decided to celebrate! Throughout history, there have been many people from the LGBTQIAP+ Community who have mostly passed on, but not before making an impact that has lasted through the ages. To name a few, there are icons such as Queen Christina of Sweden, Harvey Milk, Marsha P. Johnson, and Freddy Mercury. Now that we live in a more modern age, we are more able to recognize and appreciate these historical figures and what they mean to current LGBTQIAP+ people today. Some of these people are a part of L&C Pride, which unifies and supports each other and the rest of the community in the local area and which is always welcoming new members.

L&C Pride is accepting of both members of the LGBTQIAP+ Community and Straight Allies. After interviewing President Ashley Scheffel, there seem to be some wonderful plans for celebrating the LGBTQIAP+ Community this month. Here’s what she had to say:

Q & A With Ashtyn Britt

What is LC Pride?
“LC Pride is an all-inclusive LGBTQIAP+ group for Lewis and Clark students.”

What is your mission?
“Our mission so far is really to create a safe space and community on campus where queer people feel
comfortable being themselves. I hope in the future however, our mission grows and includes things
like awareness of LGBTQ+ issues, educating students and faculty about sexuality and gender identity,
and to make the campus a more accepting environment.”

What are you doing for pride history month?
“Not many people are even aware there is such a thing as LGBT history month, so I thought it would
be a good idea to have the group decorate a bulletin board on campus with prominent historical queer
individuals and events.”

Where can the bulletin board be seen?
“It is in Baldwin right beside the radio station! We’re currently constructing it together.”

What kinds of things does LC Pride do?
“Our club just got approved and we are now considered an official group as of October 4th, so we haven’t
had a lot of things going on yet. But we have been doing “unofficial” meetings every Wednesday, and
so far, it’s been an absolute blast! In a few weeks we’re having a group Halloween party and attending
a showing of rocky horror picture show, which everyone is looking forward to. Hopefully soon we’ll be
able to do a fundraiser on campus for the group and local LGBTQ+ organizations.”

What would you, as a President, say to questioning students?
“Your feelings and identity are valid, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you need a safe place to
be able to discuss your sexuality/identity or even just hangout, LC pride is here for that exact reason!
We’re here to create a supportive community.”

How can they get in contact with LC Pride?
“You can contact me at or at (618)-691-9353 or our Vice President, Ashtyn Britt, at or at (618)-556-0088, or the director of diversity and inclusion, Adrienne Reed
at (618)-468-6030.



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