City Museum After Dark

Devin Myers


City Museum After Dark is an event hosted at the St. Louis City Museum, located on North 16th Street. The event has taken place Sept. 26, and Oct. 10 but it is not too late to experience the fun of the city museum after dark because they will also be hosting two more events. One of which will be held on October 23, and the other will be held on Nov. 7. Both of which takes place from 7:00-11:00pm.

The event held on Oct. 10 was filled with food, beer, and live music from local bands and artists. The local St. Louis band “Harpo Jarvi” performed in Beatnik Bob’s Broken Record Cafe. The band has been working on music together for the past two years and has just released their new album “Toe Zone” which is available on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Old Bakery Beer Company promoted their new Oktoberfest beer, along with several others that were being served in the museum. AT&T also had a booth with a spin wheel prize giveaway that promoted their business.

Mathew Sawicki and Ben Stein performed on the fourth floor, spinning records together and dropping beats. Ben and Mathew had just recently performed on the rooftop of the City Museum about a month before and they always enjoy being there. “It’s always fun to play soul records for people that want to hear it” said Mathew Sawicki. 

Mathew and Ben who are both from St. Louis also run an event at The Monocle in St. Louis called Fresh Produce. Fresh Produce is a beat battle that puts the producer in the spotlight and the front of the stage and gives them a chance to perform for people. The event is a tournament consisting of eight beatsmiths competing in three rounds to impress five unbiased judges. Mathew and Ben regularly perform in the St. Louis Area at venues such as the Atomic Cowboy, the Moonrise Hotel, and the Handlebar. 

Trevor Matthews from St. Louis performed inside of the caves that were decorated with flashing multi-colored neon lights and had a lot of people dancing and enjoying themselves. While Trevor has performed at various nightclubs and parties since 2002 this was his first time performing at the City Museum. “It’s a lot of fun and people should check it out” said Trevor Mathews.

All of the artists that were there enjoyed performing at the museum and hope to be able to return soon. “It’s a really good idea” said Ben Stein. If October 10ths event is any indication of what the next two events will be like it should be a great time for anyone attending. The Bridge is doing a special giveaway on our facebook page and will be giving away four tickets.

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