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Alexandra Blockton


Do you feel as if you just can’t seem to get things organized because your mind is all over the place? Everything seems as if you just can’t get it right, your mind races from different thoughts? Maybe depression or anxiety looms over you, or perhaps you suffer from panic attacks. No need to look any further! You are not alone and “Active Minds” is here for you. This group is based about equanimity for the students.

“Active Minds” is a student group here at Lewis and Clark Community College, and Christina Chapman and Alice Bunjan are the co-faculty/staff for this group. This group started from one of Mrs. Chapman’s classes doing research on stress in college. Additionally, the need was found for meditation, quiet time, and prayer as healthy coping mechanisms. There are lots of activities and serious group sessions that will be very helpful for you, if that is what you need. I personally believe that is a marvelous idea to have this group here on campus. It will help students suffering from these different issues succeed mentally and academically. 

Christina Chapman said, “We came across the statistic that the second leading cause of death among college age students is suicide, with around 11,000 students a year committing suicide. We decided we wanted to do something about that. We created a presentation and the students wrote personal testimonials about their experience with suicide, depression, and anxiety in their lives and in the lives of the people they love. Vice president Dr. Sean Hill agreed to fund an exhibit called, “Send Silence Packing”, for the Spring Semester through the group Active Minds. They will be bringing 1,100 backpacks to the campus to represent those lost each year through suicide and place them throughout the grounds here at the college.” They will also be providing information on how to reach out for help! Equally important, this a fabulous group to join filled with compassionate and caring students from all over campus.

If you are interested in joining please contact Christina Chapman (Chrissie) at 618-468-4729 or by email:, as well as Alice Bunjan by email:, or by phone at 618-468-2730. They both will be very pleased and excited to assist you on further information with joining the group, “Active Minds.” 

In conclusion, Chapman said, “Even if you cannot attend every meeting, your input is valued and appreciated. Come learn a little, make some friends, and work towards making this campus one where everyone feels they belong and no one has to suffer in silence. Let’s help each other out!”

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