Ducks Ready to Race at the Calhoun County Duck Race


By: James Pepper

2022 Calhoun County Duck Race

This last Sunday (Oct. 2nd) was Calhoun County’s 6th Annual Duck Race. This event is held every year at the beginning of October. The event is run by St. Norbert’s School in Hardin IL. They sell rubber ducks to be raced down the Illinois River for $5 a duck, $25 for a quack pack of 6 ducks or a flock of 13 ducks for $50. The winner of the race will win 10% of the earnings. Spectators watch as rubber ducks are thrown off the Joe Paige Bridge and race down the river towards the dock by J.F. Kennedy Street. Proceedings will go towards St. Norbert’s School. Many booths open along S Water Street like Scentsy Authentic Scent, Old Boar Pork Skins and Kettle Corn, and many more.


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