Building Bridges Through Sports: LC Athletic Department’s Collaborative Journey with Saint Louis Teams

Game Time

By Irene Ruiz 

The Lewis and Clark Community College (LC) athletic department is working hard to make improvements. To that end, Cody Zippmann, our athletic director, has forged a collaborative relationship with the local Saint Louis City Soccer and Saint Louis Blues Hockey teams.  

This partnership is not only a way to raise money for the department and the teams, but it is also an opportunity for the athletes to learn different disciplines and build ties between the sports communities to generate mutual support. 

The athletes are assuming a fundamental role in the department’s growth through their participation in these events. They provide support in various capacities such as working with the levy or security teams at the games and concerts. By participating in these fundraising efforts, athletes are directly contributing to the financial sustainability of the athletic department and teams. 

With every game and event that the athletes attend, LC continues to leave an impression on the Saint Louis sports community. This is not only an essential fundraising plan, but also a big part of the athletes’ development by helping them improve their communication, leadership, and teamwork skills that will be invaluable in their future careers.  

The athletics department considers this only the beginning of a lengthy process in which one of the main objectives is to transmit the values of effort and dedication to the next generations of athletes who will come into the program. Seeing these committed young people contributing to the LC community will serve as a role model for the next generation. 

The collaboration between the Saint Louis and LC sports teams would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of Cody Zippmann and everyone involved, from the athletes, coaches, and event organizers who are giving these young people the opportunity to demonstrate their qualities and values. As the partnership continues to grow, its positive impact is being reflected in the community and will continue to grow for years to come.  

By giving these athletes the opportunity, they are joining forces to show the community the level and values of our department, as well as the power of teamwork. 

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