BREAKING NEWS: Euphoria In Egypt

Egypt Dday

By Tamara Wing

The single common demand made by millions of Egyptians, the resignation of their president, has been met after 18 days of continuous peaceful demonstrations across the country.  On Friday evening (local time), Vice President Omar Suleiman appeared on State TV to announce that President Hosni Mubarak was “waiving” his powers as president.  Presidential authority has been handed over to the Supreme Council of the armed forces.  Despite a few particular army units which served to oppress protesters and journalists in recent days of the revolution, Egyptians universally hold their military in high regard as being defenders of the people.

Upon hearing these announcements, people in the streets and city parks erupted in celebration. The sounds of cheers, fireworks, and the honking of car horns drowned the city in ecstatic noise as seas of joyous people began dancing, jumping, and waving Egyptian flags.  The celebrations continued to grow in numbers and intensity as word spread and people left their homes, coming together to celebrate in the streets.  The most widespread chant in Tahrir (in English, Liberation) Square above all others was “The people have brought down the regime.”

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