Board of Trustees Hires Pauly Group to Search for New President of Lewis and Clark Community College

Dillon Neibel


President of the Pauly Group Angela Provart met with the Board of Trustees (BOT) in a closed session during the BOT meeting on Jan 14, 2020.

Other than meeting with the BOT, Provart also met with faculty, staff and other bodies of L&C in her process of looking for a new president, giving people the opportunity to voice their thoughts, concerns, and hopes for our future president.

Provart also met with the Student Government Association (SGA) to hear the input from the students. President of the Veterans Club and SGA Secretary Hannah Hook had this to say when asked what she would like to see in the next president.

“There are three main things I would really like to see,” Hook said. “I look for someone who will continue to grow this college. Right now we have programs and groups on college for everyone, and I would love to see that keep going. Finally, I would really love to see this college stay cost-friendly to the students. After meeting with Angela, I am very confident that this search firm will find us a great new leader.”

Student Trustee April Tulgetske attended both meetings with the SGA and the BOT closed session to discuss and convey thoughts with Provart.

“After meeting Angela, I feel reassured that she will assist the selection committee with finding a president that suits L&C perfectly,” Tulgetske said. “She’s met with various groups on campus and has addressed questions. She has done an amazing job of explaining the process, as well as guiding those who are participating in the selection. She has also acknowledged how difficult and painful this process is, but how therapeutic it can be, as well.” 

Tulgetske said the previous president, Dale Chapman, left big shoes to fill. 

“Dr. Chapman’s influence will be felt on campus for generations,” she said. “But, I do believe there is a person out there that can take L&C in the direction that encourages growth and success.  Replacing him is impossible. Continuing his vision for L&C is what we all hope for, and I believe the selection committee will do a great job at fulfilling that task.”

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