Blood Drive At Lewis and Clark Community College

Keara Harp

On Sept. 12 of this year, Lewis and Clark Community College hosted a blood drive for the Red Cross. Throughout the event, students came by to donate. When questioned, students gave a variety of reasons for giving blood. One student claimed, “Giving blood is an easy way to give back to the community, your body makes more every day and there are people in desperate need of all blood types. Good karma.” Another student with a less altruistic approach to reasoning responded, “I need my blood, but biology needs it more.”

The next Red Cross blood drive is on Nov. 1st. Donors are encouraged to make appointments in advance to avoid a long wait. Donating blood at a Red Cross blood drive saves three lives; it saves one cancer victim, on burn victim, and one trauma victim.

The Red Cross also has a Power Red machine. A Power Red machine allows a donor to safely donate two units of red blood cells during one donation. It simultaneously returns the donor’s plasma and platelets to them. It can help young children that have cancer.

Every fifty-six days a person can donate again. All blood types are accepted. As Naphtali Tillman said, “Come on out!”


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