Black Friday: Dangerous or a Good Bang for Your Buck?

Haley Ruyle


Black Friday has always been one of the scariest days of the year, not just because of its dark name, but because of all of the Moms in their ugly Christmas sweaters with a purse full of coupons and eager to get their hands on any deal they can.

For many years, people loved Black Friday shopping, with Christmas not that far after Thanksgiving, it makes Black Friday the perfect day to get all the gifts for the ones we love the most!

From gifts given to others to a gift for yourself, theses amazing Black Friday deals, no matter what the price, will make you feel so happy that you spent your money rather than any other day of the year! There is no greater guilty pleasure than spending your money on the price of almost free stuff.

Though with these amazing deals people tend to get more than a little crazy, so much so that they would literally kill for the things they want most. People shoot, they trample, they hit, but most of all they don’t care about any of the people they hurt. These ruthless people only care about the amazing prices, talk about your everyday humanity gone wild!

Would you ever beat the sense out of somebody for great items for such a low price? Do you ever listen to that sweet angel on your shoulder telling you not to do it?

I always listen to my sweet angel, and have never given in into the point where I need to fight, I’m too small and pretty! I’m too young to die!

I shudder to think of all of those women, men, and children who thought the same thing and ended up in the middle of a bad situation. The people who’ve been trampled, shot, beaten to death, stabbed, or worse. The people who were only thinking of their loved ones while shopping for their gifts for Christmas.

Black Friday can be very dangerous, and that is why many stores have made their deals open longer than the day of. For the people who are scared to go out because of the terrors of Black Friday, they also allow the same deals possible online.

Money can drive people crazy, especially this time of year! I ask each and every one of you please don’t let this get to your head, every life counts, because every life matters. I ask that you be safe and be cautious and happy shopping!

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