Behind the Scenes: Interactive Mural

by Breanna Sak

As the concept artist for this project, I wanted to spend an ample amount of time understanding how my mural would affect the students and their daily lives. Automatically, that means this concept needs to be a friendly, positive and helpful reminder to find joy in the nuances. The light atmosphere that I set out to create is centered on a mundane task, walking the dogs, all while filling the space to the brim with vibrant colors to depict a story full of joy. The details are what really makes this piece stand out. The lead dog of the pack is intended to be Blazer, our school mascot, symbolizing that he is blazing a trail for everyone to walk on. Additionally, each dog has certain characteristics to curate a sense of individuality amongst them to show how diverse our school’s demographic is. 

From start to finish, this mural took over 30 hours of painting to be completed. It was executed by Abbey and Breanna Sak with assistance and guidance from Christina Chapman. This is also the start of an annual event for aspiring artists to test the waters of mural creation.

While a date for the installation of the mural has yet to be decided, it is certain to be ready before the commencement ceremony. Once it is ready, it will be located near the Math and Science buildings facing the student parking lot.


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