Band Section Leader To Radio Broadcasting Star

Matt Dorman

Photo: Jennifer Evanick

Jennifer Evanick


Matthew Dorman grew up and graduated in Bethalto, IL. He was very active in high school and continues to be at the college level. In high school, Dorman played soccer, took part as a section leader in the band for the percussion section, and participated in the school choir and musicals. Now he is greatly involved with the L&C Radio Program. Dorman did not always know that he wanted to go into radio broadcasting.  “Towards the end of high school, everyone was saying what they planned on going for in college and to be honest I had no idea.  I knew I wanted to go to school for something that I enjoyed and would be good at,” said Dorman. It wasn’t until the last month or so of high school that it hit him. He realized that radio broadcasting would be great outlet for his social skills. Being voted “Most Talkative” his senior year hit the nail on the head. “Growing up I was always very talkative and got along very well with everyone I met,” said Dorman. Because of his extra-curricular activities and his personality, he felt that the Radio Program at L&C would be the way to go.

“Once I started at L&C in the Radio Program I knew it was the right place for me.  I don’t want to pretend that the classes were easy, but I feel like the challenges and assignments came to me a little easier than others,” said Dorman. Because the program’s classes came naturally to him, Dorman knew that he made the right decision, and after finishing up his first year in the Radio Program, he was named Program Director over the entire program. This position basically serves as the student leader.  “Throughout my time as Program Director I had a lot of responsibilities and challenges that most students didn’t have to deal with.  This included everything from going to Student Government meetings to trying to work out arguments amongst the students in the program.”

When looking back, Dorman says he wouldn’t change a thing. From doing so well in the program, Dorman earned a pretty great internship on “The Phillips & Company Morning Show on Y98.” Throughout his internship, Dorman had the chance to do several neat things including, going on air with the show, going to events and concerts, and coming up with ideas and games for the show on air.  A week before my internship ended, Dorman was thrilled to be offered a job on-air at Y98, which he currently is doing.

“It’s still crazy to me to think that a month before high school was over I didn’t know what I wanted to do and now all of this. I went through a great program with great people and great teachers and now I’m working at a major market radio station with some of the greatest radio talents to ever live.  I really can’t ask for more,” said Dorman. Dorman received a Certificate of Proficiency in Radio Broadcasting and an Associate in Applied Science Radio Broadcasting, both with high honors.

When thinking about the future, Dorman is currently enrolled in online courses in an effort to receive a transferable Associate’s degree in Science so he is able to move on to a university like SIUe or Linden Wood.

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