Another Storm Bears Down On St. Louis Area

"Snowy Scene"

photo: Nick Howland

By Tray Wetherell


With the St. Louis area just starting to see grass again, winter decided to remind us that it is not spring yet.  The national weather service has issued a Winter Storm Warning starting Monday morning through Wednesday morning.  This storm is expected to create havoc with the morning and evening rush hour.  Beginning in Monday morning rain and ice will fall with some areas getting as much as half an inch before it changes completely over to snow. Some estimates have total snow accumulations as much as 12 inches in the St. Louis area with 16 inches more north of the St. Louis metro area.

With the ice and snow, roads will be treacherous, Missouri and Illinois transportation department’s are already asking for travelers to either stay off the roads, or plan accordingly.  The snowstorm that struck last week caused numerous accidents and several fatalities on the highways.  As of publication, Lewis & Clark Community College has not cancelled classes.  Watch for school closings tonight and tomorrow morning for further details.

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