Andrew Bird: Break it Yourself


Jake Saunders

Staff Writer


Bright, vibrant whistling and stringed violin,

Stationary looping and roundabout

Amiable twists and malleable

Turns in the effervescent crescendo

That is, in due course, known as Andrew Bird.

Bird, first associated in his group

Of Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire albums,

Offers a unique blending of true rock

In an ever-honest sense of the blues.

Tangling spritely in the air, around ears

And into the drum that catches our sounds,

Filling us full with vivacious charm and

Somber and sobering wit, and it tears

Apart any poor preexisting and

Preconceived notion we may have had on

Spectacled players on the great bare stage

And leaves us with an utterly poignant

Sense, a cherish-able feeling, which may

Bear a fragile reminiscence to love.

The introduction the album presents

Seeps slowly in, gradually, and asks

To take your hand while gently you rest on

As he quickly begins to ascend you;

Thoughtfully though he inserts the warm rod

Into the orifice that which soon,

So obliged, receives: succumbing to ecstasy.

Before you know it, you are on the top;

Clanging and clamoring about in Jove

And a giftedly spirited nature,

That at one point you were fully untried,

And fall into a deep manic passion.

With every ounce of enthusiasm,

He lifts the bar and silently descends ,

Constructing superior feelings of

Captivating harmonic melodies,

Plucked violin notes and able whistling

In luminescent, psychedelic tones.

Pleasantly thankful and feeling refreshed,

We lead on, living our lives in charmed hymns

Silently believing the four-minute

(Rarely less or perchance a little more)

Songs will play on everlastingly so;

Apologetically it fades out,

Knowing full well that indeed we need more.

And we may carry our weight about us,

The coming nostalgia unremitting,

And collapsing, breaking down and crying,

We know what we must, but cannot do so,

And thus to break it yourself you may go.


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