All Is Not Forgotten By Wendy Walker: She Needs Everlasting Help to Heal

By Alexandra Blockton

Initially, no family in today’s society enjoys going through the day-to-day drama typical households experience with teenagers.

Jenny Kramer, who is only a sophomore in high school, loves to party with her friends. Tom and Charlotte Kramer, who are Jenny’s parents, do not seem to make a huge fuss about her hanging with friends late at night sometimes, because they reside in a small town where everyone knows everyone, which makes them as parents feel comfortable.

Most of the time, teenagers will sometimes make their own decisions when making plans with their friends, only because they think it is cool to hang out together late at night, throw parties when parents/guardians are away from home and vacation, etc. It just all depends on what advice their friends are giving them to follow.  More than likely, their friends will be going against their parents’ wishes. I am not saying it happens all the time. But in this day and age, it is happening a majority of the time.

On this particular night of hanging out late with friends, Jenny decides to attend a party with schoolmates, friends, the swim team, etc., just to realize it will be her last party she would ever decide to attend in life with her friends from school. It was so bad for her, she did not even want to live her life anymore.

“It wasn’t the cutting that hurt, but the air when it went into my veins,” said Jenny Kramer.

Jenny’s mother and father love her dearly and always want the best for her as well as their family. But, Charlotte decides to take a detour that needs attention and closure. She was guilty and did not know how much it would cost her if her family ever found out the truth!

Charlotte Kramer reminded me of a mother who had once forgotten her role as a mother and had to regain the fact she is a mother. While I was reading “All Is Not Forgotten”, it made me think she is a woman desperate for attention. The type of attention that will hurt her husband’s heart deeply. I mean serious attention! In fact, the crazy part was that the type of attention she craved, her husband did not have any clue she was craving!

Tom Kramer was the typical father, the kind who is overprotective of his daughter. But after that last party his daughter attended, he was deeply hurt and felt as if he had let her, as well as the rest of his family, down. Throughout reading this book, he made me feel as if he was the character that was just clueless about what exactly was going on inside of his household. In my opinion, Mr. Kramer needed to pay more attention to what was going on inside his household. Everything was right in front of his eyes!

Overall, this book is an awesome read! There is no doubt it will have you reading until you are completely finished.

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