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Drew Myers
Staff Writer

Lewis and Clark Community College will soon expand its student housing options by building an additional section to the already existing Trailblazer Commons apartment complex, just beyond the north entrance of campus right off campus grounds.

The Trailblazer Commons apartments were the first available housing for students, opening in the fall of 2014. The complex was built by a local company, Contegra Construction of Edwardsville.

For the past two years they have been managed by L&C alumni, Joan Gowin, who will continue to stay with this project as it develops:

“It has truly been a learning experience,” Gowin stated, “I think the apartments have went well over all. We have been able to keep them filled each year.”

This past school year, as Gowin said, the complex had been completely filled. Currently, 92 students are being housed in the apartments with only four of them as non-athletes.

Photo provided by: L&C Flickr
Photo provided by: L&C Flickr


Originally, the intent for the building was to house out of town and state student athletes, but this project will allow for a wider variety of L&C students.

Managing Partner of Elm Street Student Housing LLC, Kevin Carski will oversee this transition. The new building will allow for 48 new accommodations for residents, with a completion goal of the upcoming fall.  

“I am really excited about this opportunity. I have been impressed with Lewis and Clark and I am a supporter of community colleges. This has been a good project so far, this is a large campus so I want to get the news out to everyone,” said Carski.

The apartments are within walking distance of the whole campus, making it a very safe, close knit place to live:

“Living at the apartments as a freshman has benefited me in many ways,” Freshman tennis player,  Jane Grieser said. “I have gotten the opportunity to develop new friendships, learn how to live on my own, and get the experience of living ‘on campus’ for my first year of college life. Also it is awesome knowing your friends are just a doorstep away! I love that I know everyone and can feel safe living there.”

To learn more about the Trailblazer Commons or to fill out a housing application visit or call (618) 219-4899.

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