Abandoned Texas Animals Get Life Saving Help


In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, people and animals alike suffered from it’s devastating wrath. The hurricane developed from a tropical wave to the west of the Lesser Antilles Aug. 17.

While it weakened while entering the Caribbean Sea, it’s remnants began redeveloping over the Bay of Campeche Aug. 23.

On Aug. 24, it rapidly intensified, and then on the day following, it became a category 4 hurricane. The storm has caused at least eight confirmed deaths, one in Guyana and seven in the United States, and has left many homeless or abandoned.

However, more and more people from all over the world have come together to help the citizens of Texas – and not just the people. Animal Rescue Organizations have been working tirelessly to save the countless animals left for dead.

Texas law states that abandoning an animal in the event of a disaster is illegal, however many pets faced the hurricane alone. According to FoxNews, a rescue group called Austin Pets Alive has saved hundreds of stranded dogs, including many from local shelters.

Amazing individuals, like Andrew White, are also helping the Texas animals. White helped his neighbor rescue her dog, by using his boat to reach her scared pup.

Motorist Aaron Jayjack, also helped reunite a wayward hound, when he stopped to get gas in Runge, Texas. When he opened the door to his jeep, a dog jumped in to escape the storm. He posted tweets and videos on social media in hopes of finding the owner, and luckily, he did.


4 Paws Farm and the I Love My Dog Team have set up a GoFundMe page to raise donations for veterinary care, food, and bedding for animals impacted by the effects of the hurricane. The fundraiser has surpassed it’s goal of $25,000 and is currently at more that $60,000 raised in two days.

The amazing efforts shown by the groups, organizations, and individuals in the wake of this disaster, have truly shown that there is still good news to report.

Those interesting in donating to the Harvey Disaster Animal Fund can visit gf.me/u/cftu85. Those interested in helping the flood victims of Hurricane Harvey, can visit www.redcross.org/hp/harvey2.

Shelby Wallace

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