A Visit to the St. Louis Zoo

By Kathryn Smith



Duck…duck…GOOSE! We all love to see the big scary lions, hungry hippos, and fuzzy bears at the zoo. Kids are running around, families are riding the train, and friendly zoo employees are talking about all the cool facts about the hundreds of animals surrounding them. Sounds just like a fun trip to the St. Louis Zoo, which is what I got to do recently with some friends.

The St. Louis Zoo is located in Missouri. It was actually voted the best zoo in the United States. This zoo is known for their safe wildlife enclosures for animals, friendly staff members, cool attractions, and the fun and safe environment for all ages. The zoo has many different kinds of animals such as mammals, amphibians, birds, and many more. LIONS, AND TIGERS, AND BEARS, OH MY!

Your visit may consist of a free entrance to the main zoo with some costly attractions. Some of these attractions consist of the Sea Lion Show, Zooline Railroad, Dinosaurs, and more. It provides many restaurants and food stands within the zoo. You can also visit the inside stores for merchandise, apparel, stuffed animals, toys, etc.

My friends and I got the opportunity to visit the St. Louis Zoo this year. We went early in the morning so we could get a head start. We got to see just about every single kind of animal. My personal favorite is the penguins because they are super cute. It was a hot day, and penguins are known for their extremely cold environments, so we stayed with the penguins for a while. We participated in the Zooline Railroad which drove us all around the zoo. We took lots of photos, ate yummy foods, and even tried their pineapple smoothies, which was definitely one of my favorite parts! We did lots of walking, explored different places, and bought some zoo merchandise.

If you are thinking about taking a trip to the St. Louis Zoo, you will not be disappointed! Grab your friends, take your kids, and don’t forget your sunscreen! If you would like some more information about the St. Louis Zoo, click on the link down below. It will take you to their very own website. WATCH OUT ZOO, HERE WE COME!


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