A Trip to the Cardinal Game

By Kathryn Smith


TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME! We all know the American-loving sport, baseball, where you get to attend and cheer on your favorite baseball team, wear all of your favorite apparel, and eat lots of delicious foods. 

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is to watch baseball, especially with my friends and family. As I write this story, some friends and I are presently attending an afternoon St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. 

Woohoo! We are in the stadium enjoying the game, eating a delicious hotdog, and drinking a nice, cold beverage.  Hey, wait a minute!  The kiss cam just caught a couple in love. That brings a smile to my face!  

Any wild guesses on the weather?  Well, it is August, in St. Louis.  It is hot and steamy, but I am pretty cool since I am wearing my favorite shirt representing my favorite player, Yadier Molina. Yadier Molina is one of the most popular cardinal players and has currently been with the cardinals for about 17 years.  No doubt…he is definitely a fan favorite, evident from the yelling and screaming by our devoted fans when his name is announced.

We all are comfortable in our seats ready for the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates to start. 

We are eating tons of food and ice cream. One of the best things about attending a baseball game in person is the delicious food. There are a variety of options ranging from hotdogs, burgers, tacos, nachos, fries, and so on. Don’t even get me started on the mouth-watering dessert options! Ice cream, frozen lemonades, cookies, and candy are just a few steps away.  We never pass up on the peanuts and cracker jacks! They even have a variety of drink options ranging from water, soda, juices, coffee, and any alcoholic drinks you can think of. 

Well, I am pretty full from all of the delicious foods, but hey, the St. Louis Cardinals won the game. One of the cool things about attending Busch Stadium (where the cardinals play for their home games), is that fireworks go off after every cardinal player hits a homerun and if they win a game. Those fireworks just went off, with a final score of 3-0.  All of the fans are going crazy!  

If you ever catch yourself thinking about watching a baseball game, go out and support your local team. You can enjoy the game by watching at home or if you want the same experience as I had. I highly recommend attending in person. GO CARDS!



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