A Tast Of Italy On L&C Campus


Photo: Anthony Sherer

Michelle Sinclair

Staff Writer

The Alton Symphony Orchestra sponsored A Tour of Italy at L&C Sunday, February 24, in the Hathaway Cultural Center. Professor Deborah Haferkamp, an L&C instructor, performed on the violin and Dr. Leon Burke was the conductor. Paintings and drawings

The music and wonderful foods at the event, held in the Hathaway Cultural Center, was truly a treat for all the senses. The orchestra played beautifully and the crowd was silent in order to take in the music in all its brilliance.

The first violinist of the evening was Professor Deborah Haferkamp, an L&C instructor. The pianist, Avguste Antonov, was introduced by Dr. Deb Carlin who referred to him as a “gorgeous demon” on the piano. Concert master, Dr. Leon Burke, conducted the spectacular symphony and everyone who came to see the show had the chance to listen to classical music at its best. Dr. Burke conducted the famous symphony No.4 in A major as paintings and drawings by Felix Mendessohn were displayed. From beginning to end, the show was absolutely exquisite in every way.

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