A Good Turn-out For College Transfer Day


Photos: Tamara Mortland

Devin Michalski

Staff Writer

Lewis and Clark Community College recently held something much like a job fair, but instead of employers, transfer advisors from 45 four-year, private and public universities and technical colleges came to the Commons for what was called College Transfer Day.

Among the list were major universities such as Southern Illinois Edwardsville and Carbondale, as well as across the river to Lindenwood, Missouri Saint Louis, and Saint Louis University. Students were able to go to tables with these and many other schools to peruse transfer opportunities and learn about all of the different colleges from as far as Rolla, Missouri out to Carbondale and beyond.

Schools of a more parochial nature like Missouri Baptist and Greenville College were in attendance, as well as the SIUE ROTC, the Art Institute of Saint Louis, University of Phoenix and other more miscellaneous schools.

All-in-all, College Transfer Day was an event with a wealth of information where students from not only Lewis and Clark, but also Alton High School and others came to learn and prospect different Universities for transfer after completion of their current school. It was a great event with pizza and soda, and all of the advisors were very friendly and informative and more than willing to tell why one should attend the university represented.

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