89.9 Hours of Christmas Clocks In To Help Kids



Photo provided by: 89.9 WLCA
Photo provided by: 89.9 WLCA
Matt Monroe

Lewis and Clark’s college radio station 89.9 WLCA ran their annual 89.9 Hours of Christmas fundraiser. The event took place from December 18th to the 21st to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Alton.

Ellen Lindsay and Tabi Archer, two radio students, hosted the event, speaking live on the air for over 89 hours.

“It was incredible, but also a little exhausting,” Lindsay said, “It was awesome to see all the hard work everyone in the radio program did to make this huge success unfold!”

As stated earlier, 89.9 Hours of Christmas is an event used to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Alton. Prior to and before the event, people and businesses can donate money in return for mentions on air, commercials, and more.

“89.9 Hours of Christmas is where we at WLCA have the amazing opportunity to give back to the community,” Lindsay continued. “All the money we raise goes towards all the hard working kids at the Boys & Girls Club to provide them with an amazing Christmas.”

This great Christmas involves taking a select amount of kids from the Club to go on a shopping spree at Target and afterwards, eat pizza from Little Caesars at the neighboring Alton Toyota building.

This year, according to Station Manager Mike Lemons, WLCA raised over $7000 for the Boys & Girls Club, leaving each kid with $50 each to shop at Target.

“It’s an opportunity to do something for kids in the area,” Lemons said. “It [also] teaches our students how to do promotions and how to give back to the community.”

To contact Mike Lemons about the radio program here at L&C, call WLCA’s business line (618) 468-4940 or send him an e-mail at mlemons@lc.edu. For more info about the station, visit their website at http://www.wlcafm.com/. Also, to donate to the Boys & Girls Club of Alton, visit their website at http://www.bgcalton.org/.


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