10% Off for LC Students at Germania Brew Haus

By Stephen Kern


Germania Brew Haus is a coffee shop and craft beer taproom based in the Alton area. They are now offering 10% off orders for Lewis and Clark students. They provide a variety of specialty coffee drinks like lattes, cold brew, cappuccinos, americanos, and if you are feeling adventurous, you could mix it up and try a cold brew lemonade, espresso mojito, or a fruity pebbles milkshake. 

The drink menu is packed with options such as tea, craft sodas, smoothies, milkshakes, and hot cocoa, most of which have a lot of different flavors and add-ons to choose from, as well as milk alternatives. They also offer a range of craft beers, local and regional, with their self-pour beer wall in which you pay by the ounce, so you can try a little or try a lot. Germania Brew Haus rotates some beverages so certain drinks come and go as the seasons change. Food here is limited but they do serve a few different pastries and snacks as well as a bavarian pretzel with cheese. 

Germania Brew Haus first opened in early July of 2017.  The owners, Jared and Carolyn, wanted to bring a craft coffee and brewhouse to their hometown. Now, four years later, they have opened two more locations!

Germania Brew Haus can be found in Alton at 617 E. Broadway, in Godfrey at 5775 Godfrey Road, and a brand new third location in East Alton in the Eastgate Plaza! For more information, you can visit their website at https://www.germaniabrewhaus.com/ or their facebook page and instagram @germaniacoffeehaus. Head on over and enjoy a coffee or a fruity pebbles milkshake (I know I want to) and get 10% off of your order!


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