Words of Power

Lucas Gardner

You have people in this world you have met and people you haven’t whom love you care about you wanna help you wanna care for you wanna be there for you. Wanna stick by your side even when things are hard or exhausting. People who want you to cry to them so they can build you up do their best to do what they can for you.

People help each other cover each other’s weakness protect each other whether it’s from ourselves or others

All humans are interconnected in some way shape or form

That is one of the smaller more beautiful parts about life often overlooked each and every person is different no one in the world is exactly alike. That’s why people come together and empower each other be there for each other care for each other we all play a role in something much bigger and better.

That’s how this world and people kinda works I believe that. Just us being us somehow helps others. I’m not the smartest person in the world but we are all special in some way. It’s quite obvious we all have strengths. Things that are special. Even though if we can’t see it in ourselves others can.  

Every step every breath every word every thing we do is to help others. I’m sure people would disagree with me but others help us as well we all crawl before we walk and walk before we run. We all help each other get up if we fall.  

Ya know something We all get lost at times and typically it’s a struggle but I believe in humanity still and that is why we are so strong as individuals and as a unit really so many different perspectives if one person don’t see something another does . That in itself is quite powerful and special.

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