WIOA Funding Available for Those in Career Programs




Hannah Auston
Associate Editor

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funding is a nationwide act that can help pay for school for those qualifying for funding. There are multiple Lewis and Clark Community College programs that offer WIOA funding.

“There are several ways to qualify for these funds. The first is based on income, and that is dependent on family size and income, or being eligible for some other programs like food stamps, etc. Another way is to be a “Dislocated Worker,” or someone who was laid off through no fault of their own, or where the business they worked for has closed. There is an additional opportunity in the “Trade Adjustment Act” funding, and that is again a determination that can take place in our offices, as it has to do with lay-offs connected to trade issues. Regardless of the circumstances, the best way to see if one is eligible is to visit the Southwestern Illinois workNet Center, located at 101 East Edwardsville Road, in Wood River (the old Wood River Township Hospital),” says David Stoecklin, Executive Director of Madison County Employment and Training.

It is important that the student realizes the funds provided through WIOA are a grant, not a loan; thus meaning that the student does not have to pay them back once schooling is completed. “Training dollars are essentially tuition, fees, books and required supplies, for approved training programs,” said Stoecklin.

Check with your academic advisor to see if your program is eligible for WIOA funding. For even more information on WIOA, the aforementioned Southwestern Illinois workNet Center can be reached at (618) 296-4301.



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