What’s Up With The Syrian Down The Street



Photo provided by: independent.co.uk
Photo provided by: independent.co.uk
Ryan Roberts
Staff Writer

In the small German city named Ansbach, a Syrian refugee detonated a bomb on July 24, 2016, killing himself and injuring 15 people.

This plot was only one of many during a bloody summer for the European continent. I mention this minor event because it took place while I was visiting my mother near my home, and my quiet evening was interrupted by the sounds of sirens and helicopters.

I was able to witness the effects of the German government’s unending hospitality for Syrian and Muslim migrants taking place at the expense of the German people. The once peaceful German city, in which I lived throughout my high school years, has become host to a culture and people, who are opposed to the German way of life.  

With the arrival of refugees, adding to an already existing mass of Muslim immigrants, the demographics of Europe are being permanently changed. It is now a common sight in German cities to see Middle Eastern women in hijabs and men speaking Arabic.

The European values of secularism and tolerance are no match against the militaristic expansionism inherent in Islam, as Muslims have already begun to promote the application of sharia law (Muslim religious law) in Europe.

Accompanying Islam, the immigrants and refugees also bring crime and terrorism; there has been a notable rise in sex crimes across the continent, which was highlighted after a series of sexual assaults on women during the New Year’s celebrations in Cologne, Germany, by Arabic and North African migrants. Terrorism has become all to frequent in Europe as Islamic terrorists have killed over 250 people in the last two years alone. It is obvious to anyone not blinded by political correctness, that there is a connection between terrorism, and the teachings of Islam.

As the negative effects of accepting Muslim refugees and migrants are showing in Europe our own government has begun to follow in their footsteps. The Obama administration has already reached its goal for this fiscal year by accepting 10,000 Syrians into America.

As it is observable in Europe, the price for accepting Islam and refugees is not paid by the elites and politicians that promote it, but is bought with the blood of the European people. President-elect Donald Trump opposes this reckless policy, and will suspend immigration from countries that export terrorism, thus ensuring the safety of the American people.

For more information about the attack on Ansbach, Germany visit www.cnn.com. For more information about President Obama’s stance on refugees, visit www.cbsnews.com.


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