What’s It Like to Use Lyft?

Ashtyn Britt

Recently, I’ve started using Lyft to get around easier. While the bus can get me to a lot of places, there are a few that I need to go a longer distance. So, I finally figured out how to work with my limited options and use Lyft.

First, the prices. While any mode of transportation is expensive, compared to regular taxis or buying a car, it does provide a cheaper way to get around.

Then, there’s the quality. The vehicles have been super clean and smelled nice, the drivers are kind and willing to play whatever music you want, and always careful to follow the maps.

Also, the tools! You can do split pay on a Lyft and send a link to your loved ones to let them know your exact location so they know that you’re safe. It’s really handy and a fantastic safety feature!

I would highly recommend Lyft to everyone, just as long as you’re careful to keep an eye on the price of your ride and to not overdraft your bank account. Lyft will accept credit, debit, and PayPal as forms of payment. You can also immediately leave reviews and star ratings for your driver, as well as tips.

I have so far had nothing but good experiences with my Lyft rides and will be proud to say I will be taking more as well in the future. I’ve recently made more times to St. Louis, and plan to spend plenty of time there, which means I’m about to become a very loyal customer to Lyft! In my opinion, you should be too! So whether you need a ride to the airport, to the City Museum downtown, or even just to see your grandmother in St. Louis, just call yourself a Lyft and enjoy the ride!

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