Video Game Day Gives Students a Fun Break!

Ashtyn Britt

Video Game Day has been a pleasure experienced multiple times by the students of Lewis and Clark Community College. So of course the widely beloved event was held once again on Wednesday, Oct. 3 of this school year. The special and super fun event, which took place in Hatheway gallery, allowed students the rare chance to take not just a usual break from their busy day between classes, but also the chance to enjoy some video games and free pizza with their fellow students! The event had been hosted by the Student Activities Club.

Anna Summers, an active and proud member of the  Student Activities club, enjoyed the event’s activities very much.

“I’d say the best part of video game day was actually getting to play different types of games,” However, Anna also felt that there could have been room for improvement. “I think we should’ve had more screens for more students to enjoy,” said Summers, talking about the screens set up so that students may play games such as Just Dance amongst others.

As one might expect, the turn out for such an event was phenomenal nonetheless, and even had the Student Activities volunteers running low on multiple flavors of pizza after only a short couple of hours!

It can be safely assumed many more video game days will be to come in the future, and the students will continue to attend and enjoy themselves.

Student Activities also holds many other campus events open for students throughout the school year and are always accepting of new members willing to help as volunteers for the different events. For any students who may have an interest in joining, they may contact either the Student Activities President Brittany Dickerson at or the advisor of Student Activities, Jared Hennings, at

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