Vets Corner: Get Involved with the Veterans Club this Semester

Terry Lane
Veteran ServicesHappy 2014, and welcome to the spring semester!

If you haven’t already, I would encourage you to get involved with the L&C Veterans Club here on campus.

The Veterans Club has been in existence for several years and has been very involved on campus in that time. The club was the driving force in getting the POW/MIA flag, which is now flying on campus.

The club also coordinates four blood drives on campus each academic year – two regular drives and two KSHE95 community drives. In 2013, our four drives collected 870 units of blood. We also participate in Fall Fest and Springfest each year.

We sell Krispy Kreme donuts on campus several times a year to raise money. Using that money, we have made donations to the Edwardsville and Wood River Veterans Memorials.

This semester, we will continue to have monthly meetings. I will send around an email soon with dates/times. We could use your ideas and your participation. We have a large veteran population on campus and have a lot of experience to share with other students.

Getting involved can help you feel like you are a part of something good on campus and in the community. Don’t cut a class, but take part if your schedule permits.

We have a Veterans Resource Center available for use by students in Baldwin Hall, room 3432. The center has three computers, a printer, a TV, a couch, some chairs, career program information, magazines and a beautiful U.S. flag in the window. Veteran and military students are invited to stop by to relax, study, or just talk with peers.

My goal is to get L&C veterans involved in their education and committed to their success, whether that success is a degree, a certificate or transfer to four-year school. Communication is an integral part of success – so let’s talk.


Terry Lane runs the L&C Veterans Services office in Baldwin Hall 2418. He can be reached at (618) 468-5030 or at

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