Vehicle Donated to Lewis & Clark’s Automotive Technology Program

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Ford Motor Company, located in Alton, Illinois, has invested into Lewis and Clark Community College (L&C)’s Automotive Technology Program by donating a 2015 Ford Focus while students are attending this Automotive Technology Program here at L&C!

Program Coordinator Chris Reynolds is grateful for the vehicle being donated to the Automotive Program. He stated that L&C students rank high once they have completed his program, as well as with their participation rates! This is a very successful opportunity for the students to take as an advantage. 

L&C’s certificate programs and Associates in Applied Science give students the best opportunities to excel with their studies while using the best software technology ever. Often once students have graduated, they are able to go on to work for some of the top of the line companies in the automotive industry, such as the Ford Motor Company. The Ford company is very thankful to be able to have students start their careers with them. 

Located here on campus, the Automotive Program offers the most up to date software in technology as well as computerized alignment and handheld scanners. As a student here at L&C you will learn how to properly fix and repair parts, diagnose and solve issues, as well as any problems associated to all the systems. 

According to an article posted on L&C’s website,  “L&C Automotive Technology Program Receives Vehicle Donation”, by Jan Dona, who is apart of L&C’s Media Services, Marcus Hicks is a regional technical talent placement specialist with the Ford Motor Company and has worked really hard in helping to secure the car donation. John Roberts, the vice president and general manager of Robert Motors, said, “Lewis and Clark has always been good in the skill trade fields, and this allows us to benefit by seeing kids come into the automotive field, get some Ford certifications and hopefully come work for us.”

If you or anyone else you know are looking to join this successful program to be able to put your automotive talent to use, please feel free to call (618) 468-4915 as well as visit the website at 

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