The Vermillion Sky, Pt. 5

By Andrew Agney


Exquise looks down, her eyes closed as a massive troll stands over her, about to crush her. “What an idiot…why’d I go and burn myself out like that?” she says to herself, the troll’s fist coming down…when all of a sudden, Exquise feels herself get pushed away, opening her eyes she sees a piece of paper with a wind glyph has been placed on her and a powerful gust is blowing her away…while Ciel stands where she was.

“You idiot! What’re you doing?!” Exquise yells at the half-dragon girl while she gets blown away.

“Saving your life!” Ciel calls after, before she gets slammed into the ground, the massive strength of the troll causing a crater. Ciel coughs and wheezes as the troll’s hand lifts up and she attempts to stand…when she notices something on the ground beneath her, uncovered by the floor being destroyed.

“This is…a glyph!” she says to herself, quickly taking off her backpack and fishing out her notebook and a pencil; crushed after the troll’s attack, but still usable for what she needs as she begins to record the glyph into her notebook, where she has her other spells written in. “Keep it busy, guys! I have an idea!” she yells out to the rest of her group.

“You got it!” Syrid says as he runs up to the troll and claps his purple glowing hands together, creating several clones, this time they all start to run around and pester the beast, making it unable to find the real one as each one it manages to hit just poofs into dust.

After transcribing the glyph into her notebook, Ciel gets some chalk out of her backpack and starts to draw this new glyph on to the ground, large enough to cover half the arena as she tries to work as quickly as she can, thankful for Syrid’s distraction.

Once finished with drawing the glyph, Ciel runs over to Breeze and whispers in her ear, the goblin girl giving a nod in response.

Ciel then runs to the edge of the Glyph she drew on the floor, and gives a sharp whistle. “Bring it over here Syrid!” she calls out, the shadow elf and all his clones giving a thumbs up as they all start to converge towards where Ciel is, alongside Breeze waiting for her cue.

The monster takes the bait as it follows the clones towards Ciel, stepping right in the center of the glyph. “Gotcha!” Ciel exclaims as she slams her hands down on the glyph, a massive explosion coming from the symbol and enveloping the troll, knocking it over onto the ground. Breeze then holds out her hands as they begin to glow green, the moss on the trolls body growing more and more until there’s so much of it that it’s too much for the troll to move, the beast just roaring and attempting to thrash about on the ground now.

“The troll is unable to move or fight! The exam is over!” Principal BrokenAnvil calls as he floats down into the arena, some magic ropes coming out to retrieve the troll and take it back to where it was held. The four teens then return to the center of the arena, standing in front of the Dwarven principal.

“Well done you four…here, drink these healing potions for your wounds,” he says as he hands a bottle of red liquid to each of the group “Once you are healed up… I will announce which covens you will be in.”



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