The Vermillion Sky, Part 3

By Andrew Agney


“Ok, that’s fine…we can take down a troll if we work together. What about the rest of you? What kind of magic do you all have?” Ciel asks her group, looking over the rest of them: a goblin girl named Breeze, a rhyolition girl named Exquise, and a shadow elf boy named Syrid.

Breeze is the first to reply, raising her hand. “I…specialize in nature magic…but can only make plants grow,” she says while now looking a little sheepish. Exquise is then next to speak up, looking proud of herself as she announces “I, like most rhyolitions, specialize in fire magic!” Ciel brightens up and smiles at this response. “That’s great! You could do a lot of damage with that!” she praises, Exquise looking even more proud of herself…until Syrid speaks up. “She only knows a basic fireball spell…as for me, I focus on illusion magic,” he says simply, sticking his hands in his pants pockets as Exquise’s face turns blue from blushing.

Ciel tilts her head slightly in confusion, looking up at Exquise “Really? A lava blood and you can only do that?” she asks, the dragon child having more curiosity in her voice than anything else; Exquise growling at this comment. “Well at least I have magic, half-dragon!” she snapped at Ciel, who flinches back slightly. 

“Alright, alright, no need to get like that…but I think we can still do this. We just need to put together a plan.” she says, going back to her chipper tone, before the principal’s voice comes over the school intercoms. “Breeze EverWinter, Ciel Scarletscales, Exquise Inferno and Syrid Volar, Please report to the arena for your placement exams.”

“Ok…nevermind, we’ll figure this out live,” Ciel says with a nervous gulp as the four teens begin to make their way to the arena.

A large circular room with two gates at the north and south ends and stadium-like seating, Ciel and her group stand in the center of the arena, looking up at Principal BrokenAnvil in the stands, conjuring different banners as he speaks.

“The Nature Coven…Witches that specialize in harnessing the power of nature,” as a leaf green banner with a rose emblem on it appears.

“The Deception Coven…witches that use shadows and misdirection to further their goals,” as a lavender banner with a dagger emblem appears.

“The Conjuration Coven…witches who summon powerful beings to aid them,” as a sunset orange banner with a powerful knight as the emblem appears

“The Transmutation Coven…witches who can shape the world to their liking,” as a yellow banner with an emblem of a sword transforming into a hammer appears.

“The Destruction Coven….witches that use the elements themselves for combat.” as a red banner with a fireball emblem appears.

“The Shield Coven…witches who use their magic to defend rather than fight,” as a blue banner with a shield as the emblem appears.

“And The Recovery Coven…witches who would rather heal or support their allies than fight,” as a pink banner with a green cross on the emblem appears.

“This entrance exam will decide which Coven you are placed in…good luck and may your magic protect you,” Principal BrokenAnvil ends before he snaps his fingers, the gate on the north end of the arena slowly rising up.  A large bipedal monster with green, leathery skin and matted, dark green fur and moss growing over its body is revealed. It lets out a loud roar as the group of teenagers get ready to fight.



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