The Realization of Putting Yourself First

By Alexandra Blockton

There comes a time in our lives where we have to start doing things that will help ourselves. Often, at times many people tend to struggle with learning the fact their very own needs in life come before the needs of the others.

It is not considered being selfish at all whatsoever! So never let anyone tell you that you are being selfish because you are focusing on your own needs and not others.

The majority of the time it will be a successful outcome of happiness and joy. Simply on your behalf as well as the other individuals in your life, such as family members, friends, teachers, professors, fellow students, etc. Indeed you will all benefit because you are putting yourself in a position to win in life because energy from yourself is able to transfer to the ones you love!

At times, many of us may feel burned out with no energy, feeling as if we cannot do the simple things that are needing to be done in life. But when we learn to take the time out and focus on what is best for us as one. It will help show us the brighter side in the life we live in.

We all have to know our worth, and if you feel as if you do not know exactly what you are worthy of, then it is time to give yourself the attention you really need to be giving yourself mentally and physically because having a healthy mind and body will make you feel better.

Our priorities being established in life is one of the most important places to start with. Making a to-do-list and organizing it by not making it too long. Just keep it simple and short and do not overwork yourself mentally while doing so. Always keeping ourselves balanced will help by reaching out in connecting with our loved ones and other trustworthy people in our lives.

Overall, at times when putting yourself first, it may seem difficult, but in the long run, it will be well worth it, and you will be glad you have taken the necessary steps in life to focus on yourself.

About Alexandra Blockton

Alexandra is pursuing an Associate Degree in general studies as a Transfer Student. After Fall 2023, she will transfer to a 4-year university to major in Psychology.
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