The Laudable Way of Thinking as a College Student

By: Alexandra Blockton

Initially, there comes a time in your life when you have to care for yourself and be on your own. That is when you try to think of yourself as if you were still a child, and that is when you start thinking about the “what if’s?” Of course, you probably wanted to hurry up and become an adult to live on your own, just so you would not have to hear your parents fuss at you all the time about simple random things such as curfew, doing chores, inviting people over without permission, and helping them pay bills.

Apparently, it is life and that is how it may go! I truly understand everyone’s living situation is different amongst each other. But if you have parents who set rules and fuss a lot, later on in your life you will be thankful you had parents who were willing to set structured life rules for you. Once you are out living on your own, paying your bills and maybe even having children you will see what it means to have to set structured house rules for your very own household.

Oftentimes, that is when we probably all want to become a child again, when it is our turn to be in charge. Being a child, we did not have to worry about the kinds of things our parents/guardians had to worry about, such as paying bills and taking care of us as we were growing up during our childhood years.

Honestly, I think it is an honor to have parents/guardians fuss at us when we were teenagers because when we learn basic life skills at a young age. It helps when we are young adults! As human beings, we are able to take those practices that we have learned and live our life by those means.

For college students who, while growing up as a teenager, did not have someone setting ground rules for them in their home it will definitely show once they are a young adult. The people who were able to learn basic life skills as a teenager should be very thankful because having to learn really basic skills as an adult will definitely have a person lost and unable to comprehend while trying to understand what it means to know how to do simple chores, such as washing dishes, hygiene and other daily routine activities within your household.

All of us who have had someone to guide us throughout our life should be very thankful. The older we get and continue to live on our own we use these different techniques inside of our daily lives! For the individuals transitioning to live on your own and still living at home with parents/guardians and/or are able to continue to receive their help as a college student, you all should be very thankful because not many students have the honor of having that parental/guardian guidance.

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Alexandra is pursuing an Associate Degree in general studies as a Transfer Student. After Fall 2023, she will transfer to a 4-year university to major in Psychology.
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