Terrorists Strike Moscow Airport

"Moscow bombing"

By Erin Murphy

On Monday, January 24, a suicide bomber succeeded in detonating an explosive in the open-access international arrivals lounge in the Domodedovo Airport in Moscow Russia.  Thirty five people were killed.  The numbers of the injured range greatly from report to report.  The Emergency Situations Ministry of Russia has stated that 100 people were injured in the blast, but the Russian News and Information Agency, the RIA Novosti, raised that number to approximately 180.

Though the Federal Security Service of Russia has promised to crack down even harder on airport security, the main concern of the Russian security agencies and ministries is if any procedures were neglected, therefore, if anyone was to blame for allowing the bombing to occur.  The truth is, unlike the United States, Russia has grown accustomed to dealing with terrorist attacks because they have been a steady victim to such attacks for over a decade.  The only years over the past decade through which Russia did not have at least one major terrorist attack were 2005 and 2008.

President Obama called Russian president Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday to “to express his deepest condolences for yesterday’s terrorist attack and his solidarity with the Russian people, President Obama reaffirmed his strong condemnation of this outrageous attack on innocent civilians and his commitment to work with Russia in combating terrorism.” Stated the White House in a press conference.

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