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At times, people tend to be so busy in their lives they forget about their overall health. Especially when they have a busy schedule, whether it’s going to work or attending classes at school. However, how about having the chance to attend a fair for absolutely no cost that can benefit your physical, mental, and dental health.

It is autumn, which is the time of year when people get ill the most, due to all kinds of reasons! The nursing department recommended getting flu shots to those who were in attendance of the fair, and to the public. They also suggested ways to keep blood pressure down: put a limit to your daily use of sugar and salt, (don’t add salt to your food and always choose low-sodium versions of food, use spices, herbs and no-salt sauces to season your food); reduce or eliminate caffeine from your diet; aim for a healthy weight; eat more fruits, vegetables, whole-grains and low-fat dairy foods; increase your physical activity, do at least thirty minutes of moderate activity every day; decrease stress in your life by practicing relaxation techniques daily such as meditation or yoga; if you smoke, stop! If you need help quitting, ask your healthcare provider. If you already have high blood pressure, monitor your blood pressure at home and take prescribed medications. 

The nursing program also had a table with tubes full of sugar to show how much sugar is actually in our food, showing how sugar and salt also affects vision. A depression and substance abuse screening was also offered at the fair, which was overseen by Renee Bauer and the help of nursing students to assist her. “We would love to see as many participants as possible to join us at the Wellness Fair every year because nothing is more important than your health.” says Robin Halemeyer, professor of nursing.

A blood drive is held on campus several times a year in association with the Veterans Club and Black Student Association students, as both clubs present blood drives. “I think the Wellness Fair and the blood drive are important services that Lewis and Clark offer students,” said Terry Lane, Director of Career and Veteran Services. “The Wellness Fair allows them to gain information about their personal health and the blood drive gives them the opportunity to help others.”

Next, Active Minds was in attendance, with the presence of student Aijha Thomas who highly recommends the meditation room to all students. She said, “It’s a nice place to go cry and relax or whatever you may need to do to get your mind right and get rid of anxiety. The meditation room is in memory of Chris Sutcliff and it is located in Baldwin 4422. 

Also in attendance was Renee Bauer, LCPC Counselor, Student Development Counseling and Terri Austin Transition Counselor who provides counseling services to Youthbuild and Adult Education students. They were both showing lots of love and gratitude toward everyone! The therapy dogs were there for individuals who love pets and just wanted to spend some quality time relaxing and petting a dog.

The Dental Clinic was offering students, members of staff and faculty, oral cancer screenings. In regards to maintaining and keeping healthy dental hygiene, they also were giving away toothbrushes and floss to people after their oral screenings. The Lewis and Clark Dental Clinic offers all exams, X-rays and preventive services (cleaning, sealants, fluoride, etc.) are only $28 (which most insurances are able to cover). Appointments are available Monday through Friday. The contact number for the Dental Clinic is 618-468-4463. For those in need of other dental services that the LCDC does not offer can be given information about other locations who would be able to further assist them.

There was also a table in recognition of exercise science by student Brittany Alexander who is encouraging students to maintain a healthy weight and exercise. Exercise science is the study of physiological and functional adaptations to movement. Exercising regularly will definitely play an excellent role in your overall health.

 Riverbend Head Start and Family Services was in attendance reaching out to students, staff and faculty members in regards to their numerous programs offered for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. “At Riverbend Headstart and Family Services we provide a holistic approach to ensure that children and families are ready to transition to kindergarten.” says Sarah Perkhiser, who is a part of Riverbend Headstart and Family Services.

MadCAP attended, an organization that is dedicated to providing quality service to anyone living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. They featured a large size table located in front of the entrance of the commons with plenty of helpful information regarding mental, physical, and dental health needs for students and other individuals who find the information to be of value.

In conclusion, the Wellness Fair turned out to be awesome! Please, all students should remember next year’s event will be a just as educational extravaganza in regards to all of your health needs. Feel free to bring a friend with you or inform another individual about it, because you don’t want to miss out on what’s in store for you—getting the chance to better your overall health at simply no cost.

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