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How to Survive Your Freshman Year
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 Darick T. Earney
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Imagine walking across a stage to receive a high school diploma, and one moment later, you’re trying to find your classes at Lewis and Clark Community College. It can be pretty intimidating.

Making the transition from high school to college is difficult for some, but Lewis and Clark offers plenty of support to new students in finding their classes and fulfilling their interests.

L&C offers a quick links page on their website for students to access their Blazernet to stay updated on announcements and homework assignments. The directory is and is available without having to log in to the student portal.

This page can also help students find faculty information, direct them to the Reid Memorial Library for advanced research, and figure out bookstore hours.

Some professors even strongly advise their students to take their classes seriously.

“Never ask a teacher if they have missed anything ‘important’,” Lewis and Clark Psychology Professor, Kathy White said.

Another one of the differences between high school and colleges one may notice, for instance, is that lunch is on your time.

At Lewis and Clark, we have the Reid Cafe, where students can spend their afternoon completing homework and socializing. However, purchases in the cafe can only be on a debit or credit card if the total is over $4.90.

There is also a vending area right next to the L&C book store where students can buy snacks for as little 60 cents.

For students who are interested in jobs on campus, or extra curricular activities, L&C offers both Federal and Institutional work study programs. These programs include 1-20 hour jobs at the Financial Aid office and, of course, The Bridge student newspaper.

Lewis and Clark also offers clubs, such as L&C Pride, Student Government, and Student Activities, for students interested in helping plan out events held on campus.

Returning students at L&C offer advice to freshman to help them stay motivated for the semester:

“Be open minded and actively social,” L&C G.E.D. student, Sylvia Rogers said. “Because the more connections you make in college, the more connections you’ll have in the real world”.

Lewis and Clark has plenty to offer, as well as plenty of assistance for newcomers in the Fall and Spring semesters. For more information on the college, for any questions unanswered, visit


Darick T. Earney - Copy Editor
Darick T. Earney
Copy Editor

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