Student Petition: “LCCC Students to KEEP Joel Johnson.”

Joel Johnson assists students one-on-one in class

By Francesco Turso

Janna Morgan and Erica Miles, both students at Lewis and Clark, recently started a Facebook group as well as a petition in an attempt to keep Joel Johnson employed at L & C. Janna recently posted the following quote, “Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey has just dismissed our Computer Graphics teacher Joel Johnson under the reason he was “Unfit” to teach students. Joel has been teaching Photoshop, Photography, Video Game Theory and Design, 3D and Advanced 3D Modeling and Animation…He is one of FEW teachers that is loved by his students by the means he will go one on one with you in his classes of sometimes 30 students, just so you will stay on track. He is very knowledgeable and resourceful from his experience at Webster University. Firing him for what isn’t even a reason, let alone a true reason, is theft. Theft from the student body of an EXCELLENT educator. The only ones truly losing out on his absence will be us. And I for one, will not stand to have my education stolen.”

Anyone interested in signing the petition can get a hold of Erica Miles and Janna Morgan, both of which you can find on campus any time Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Their group can be found on Facebook  under the heading “LCCC Students to KEEP Joel Johnson.”

Click here to go to the Facebook group and sign the petition.

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