"Bridge Office"

This is the current list of staff employed by The Bridge. If you would like contact information for any of those listed below, please view the Contact The Bridge page.

Editor in Chief –
Athena Whitty

Associate Editor

Layout Editor – Keziah Jordan

Graphic Designer – Nicole Leith

Copy Editor – Dane McGuire

Ad Manager

Webmaster – Andrew Shelton

About lcbridge

The Bridge is the student-run newspaper of Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey, Illinois. We publish relevant, informative stories in a monthly print edition that focus on local events as well as global happenings. In addition, the online edition of The Bridge (thelcbridge) is updated frequently to reflect new information and more timely events.
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2 thoughts on “Staff

  1. Hi, I was on the original staff of the Bridge starting in 1971, As a matter of fact myself along with faculty advisor, Roger Zimmerman named the paper “The Bridge”. It is remarkable how the paper has turned into the paper it is today. Compared to the early issues in 1971 and 1972. It is amazing what 42 years can do. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Duane,
      While doing site maintenance I stumbled across your post. Great to have founding members visiting with us.
      We here at the bridge are interested to correspond with you, and even meet if possible. We will reach out to your old email address; it would be great to get in touch with you.
      On behalf of The L&C Bridge staff,
      (Bridge webmaster)

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