SOUNDWAVES: Listen To The New Streets Album

"listen to the streets"

Want to listen to the new Streets’ album? Ok then, listen carefully: in order to do so, we are going to have to go on a quick scavenger hunt. Follow the neatly listed steps below to earn yourself a shiny new download of the second-to-last album by the British hip-hop artist, totally free and totally legal. If you would  like to skip these steps and just stream the album, click the above image. Nice and simple. If you would like to download a copy for yourself, move ahead to step one.

  1. Have an iPhone? Move ahead to step three. Don’t have one? Click the image above to stream the album.
  2. Download the ‘Mike Scanner’ app and download the first barcode here. Continue to step three.
  3. Alright, here is the tough part. Now you have to track down a can of 300g tomato soup by Heintz and scan the barcode OR, if you don’t reside in the UK like most of us, find a picture online and scan it.
  4. TA-DA! You will now be prompted to download the new album. Congratulations, you have just completed a vary tedious cyber-search and are now the proud owner of a very entertaining new album. Check it and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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